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  • Melaver & Associates looks to where a business or community needs to be years ahead of where most are thinking and studiously shapes a set of strategies accordingly.

    I’ve worked with them for over a decade and they are among the best and brightest at being able to integrate technology, economic development, planning and communication into a comprehensive visionary program. They are my "go-to" source for deep thinking on sustainability and integrating sustainability strategies with other aspects of community and economic development. Simply: the best!

    Chris Miller, President
    , Illuminomics

  • We were looking for a firm to spearhead a marketing and communications strategy for revitalizing two historic African-American communities in our city.
    Who expected that within two years, our project, would be cited as a “a national game-changing model” for urban, sustainable revitalization and would be the 2013 recipient of the APA/HHUD Empowerment and Opportunity award? That accomplishment was in part due to Melaver & Associates, first creating a differentiation strategy and then working its magic to tell a story that no one had ever heard.

    Chester A. Wheeler, III, Director
    , Augusta Housing & Community Development Dept.

  • Creating a sustainable economy requires a transformational shift in the thinking of community development.

    Melaver & Associates embraces this challenge and is a compass for finding market-based solutions that address economic, environmental and equity barriers.

    Dennis Creech, Executive Director
    , Southface Institute

  • Melaver & Associates has taken the lead on several paradigm-changing projects for us. Among these are developing recommendations for a city-wide green building program and creating an energy retrofit program model that was innovatively linked to multi-modal mobility and economic development.

    They’re one of those rare companies that understand all aspects of what it takes to shape a healthy community.

    Garrison Marr, Sustainability Coordinator
    , Savannah, GA

  • The Principal of Melaver & Associates has been a leader of the green building movement in the U.S. . . . .He has chosen to intervene in the system.

    The story of that intervention will take you inside the workings of a fascinating company and the challenges he has met and conquered in building a new kind of approach to real estate development.

    Ray Anderson, Founder
    , Interface, Inc.

  • Melaver & Associates approached the City of Augusta about pursuing a national grant that would integrate multi-modal transportation, affordable housing, green building strategies, restoration of historic neighborhoods, and revising our out-of-date development ordinances. And I said, “Great, but we don’t have the resources to do something that far-reaching, you go do it. And they did.

    Six months later we were one of 16 cities in the country to receive almost $2 million from HUD and USDOT to implement a sustainable communities challenge grant.

    Deke Copenhaver, Mayor
    , Augusta, Georgia

  • We have been in the business of urban revitalization for decades, and so I think it’s safe to say that I know one or two things about public engagement and outreach.

    But working alongside Melaver & Associates for the past several years has truly been eye-opening.

    They have this intuitive, strategic sense of how to bring very diverse groups to the table and then shape a visionary program that the entire community takes ownership of.

    Jesse Wiles, President
    , APD, Acquisition, Planning, & Development

  • We hired Melaver & Associates to develop and run a sustainability training program for all of our facilities worldwide.

    And they did that with remarkable results.

    But what we got that I didn’t necessarily expect was a strategically-focused program focused on creating a world-class sustainability program for Gulfstream by 2020.

    Roger Bowman, Sustainability Manager
    , Gulfstream Aerospace

  • I’ve known the principal at Melaver & Associates for several decades, and his approach to marketing is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He's more like a blend of educator and craftsman.

    The company has a passion for the environment and seeks out opportunities to share what they know with the community.

    And they communicate what they know with a beautiful, detailed eye toward language and design, how a story is told and how it looks and feels.

    Sam Cook, President
    , Seimitsu Computers

  • Authenticity, Clarity, Accuracy, and Simplicity: These are the hallmarks of taking what is often a complex array of data and crafting it into a compelling story.

    And that is true whether it’s a formal stakeholder report such as the Global Reporting Initiative or an informal summary of an organization’s activities. Melaver & Associates has a unique flair for enabling us to see the forest as well as all the trees within.

    Otis White, President
    , Civic Strategies

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