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A corporate client engaged Melaver McIntosh to develop a series of reports that would document its annual progress toward becoming a more sustainable company. The objective: Create Executive and Annual Reports that would a) engage and inform all levels of the organization and b) prepare the company for formal C-Level Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) protocols by 2014.


An executive report outlining the company’s general sustainability efforts for the prior year; a comprehensive annual sustainability report, providing detailed data on training efforts, footprint reduction metrics, business practices, materiality, and governance; a GRI C-Level Report, addressing the economic, social, and environmental aspects of the company’s practices.


Client Praise

“Authenticity, Clarity, Accuracy, and Simplicity: These are the hallmarks of taking what is often a complex array of data and crafting it into a compelling story. And that is true whether it’s a formal stakeholder report such as the Global Reporting Initiative or an informal summary of an organization’s activities. Melaver McIntosh has a unique flair for enabling us to see the forest as well as all the trees within.”

– Otis White, President
Civic Strategies