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After five years of work on revitalizing its urban center, a major American city recognized the need to document all elements of that process to address the following: How did project leadership manage to accomplish so much in such a short time frame? To what extent did the initial strategy remain intact throughout and what changed over time? What had the project leadership learned over the past half decade? What would future civic leaders need to know in order to continue the successful strides made to date?


Melaver McIntosh developed an unabridged document detailing every aspect of the development process from initial visioning to master planning, financing, pre-development land acquisition, physical and community program development, and marketing and sales. In addition, Melaver McIntosh developed an abridged edition of this documentation, primarily intended to be shared with other communities across the U.S. in order to facilitate replication of this innovative model of urban revitalization.


Client Praise

“The principals of Melaver McIntosh have been leaders of the green building movement in the U.S. . . . .They have chosen to intervene in the system. The story of that intervention will take you inside the workings of a fascinating company and the challenges they have met and conquered in building a new kind of approach to real estate development.”

– Ray Anderson, Founder
Interface, Inc.