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Resource Development


As part of a core development team for a sustainable, mixed-use project in Brattleboro, Vermont, Melaver McIntosh helped shape the vision and master plan, developed financial analyses of various scenarios, and created an innovative program for sourcing capital. The objective: Create a public-private partnership that would a) satisfy both no-growth and pro-growth factions in the city and b) finance the project in a way that would be economically viable while also addressing community needs.


Financial analysis of Highest and Best Use versus Highest Community Needs; Structuring of Capital (various tranches of debt and equity); Structuring of a public-private consortium crafted to address the social, client’s economic, and environmental criteria.


Client Praise

“Creating a sustainable economy requires a transformational shift in the thinking of community development. Melaver McIntosh embraces this challenge and is a compass for finding market-based solutions that address economic, environmental and equity barriers.”
– Dennis Creech, Executive Director
Southface Institute