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Resource Development


Melaver McIntosh was engaged by a major southeast city to secure funding for a plan to revitalize the western edge of its urban core through transportation improvements, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing, green building strategies, and code revisions. The objective: Pull together five overlapping master plans and assemble a broad range of stakeholders to shape a comprehensive approach and funding proposal for a 4.5-mile sustainable, multi-modal development corridor.


A TIGER II/HUD funding proposal, resulting in an award of $1.8 million to fund a planning-to-implementation program for a priority development corridor in the heart of the city. This successful proposal outlined a comprehensive approach, governance structure, public outreach plan, and metrics for: 1) a detailed plan and implementation program for transit-oriented developments; 2) a detailed plan for a multi-modal transportation corridor; 3) analysis of ordinances to facilitate higher-density, mixed-use, mixed-income development; and 4) an implementation plan for green, affordable housing.


Client Praise

“Melaver McIntosh approached the City of Augusta about pursuing a national grant that would integrate multi-modal transportation, affordable housing, green building strategies, restoration of historic neighborhoods, and revising our out-of-date development ordinances. And I said, “Great, but we don’t have the resources to do something that far-reaching, you go do it. And they did. Six months later we were one of 16 cities in the country to receive almost $2 million from HUD and USDOT to implement a sustainable communities challenge grant.”

– Deke Copenhaver, Mayor
Augusta, Georgia