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Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership


September 2012

IGELians Roger Bowman (Class 2012), Tommy Linstroth (Class 2008), Martin Melaver (Class 5), and Patty McIntosh (Class 2) are collaborating on a comprehensive sustainability strategy for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. As Gulfstream’s Sustainability Manager, Roger brought in Tommy’s firm, Trident Sustainability Group (tridentsustainability.com),along with Melaver & Associates to assist Gulfstream toward its goal to “set the world standard for sustainable business practice.”

These four IGELians have shaped a multi-year strategy involving development of a sustainability training manual for employees, grassroots “green boot camp” training sessions at all of Gulfstream’s North American facilities, a top-down business strategy working with a cross-functional leadership team, and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting.

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