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Marketing & Communication

The project received a 2013 National Planning Excellence Award from the American Planning Association and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and a 2011 Outstanding Plan Implementation Award from the Georgia Planning Association. The project has also received awards from Southern Living magazine and the Association County Commissioners of Georgia and has been highlighted in Georgia Trend magazine and Harvard University’s Journal of Real Estate.
A first-tier U.S. city engaged Melaver McIntosh to create a marketing and communication strategy that would differentiate the client’s revitalization efforts from analogous projects throughout the country. The objective: Create an identity and brand for the overall revitalization effort and six priority development projects and then develop a marketing program geared toward: a) facilitating private-sector investment; b) promoting a “category-build” for in-town living; c) enhancing sales through a specific “product-build” campaign; and d) garnering recognition from national thought leaders.


Development of an identity and brand for the revitalization generally and for priority development projects specifically; Researching the market with an eye toward key target segments; Developing a communication plan geared toward identified segments; Implementing the communication plan through a variety of tools, including: brand identity/, web design and development, design and production of marketing and sales collateral, writing and production of promotional videos, social-media management, organization of community stakeholder meetings, community events, and media releases.


Client Praise
“Melaver McIntosh looks to where a business or community needs to be years ahead of where most are thinking and studiously shapes a set of strategies accordingly. I’ve worked with them for over a decade and they are among the best and brightest at being able to integrate technology, economic development, planning and communication into a comprehensive visionary program. They are my “go-to” source for deep thinking on sustainability and integrating sustainability strategies with other aspects of community and economic development. Simply: the best!”
– Chris Miller, President