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Master Planning

Miracle Making Ministries, a prominent social-justice “church-without-walls” engaged Melaver McIntosh to convert a previously contaminated site into a high-performance energy, mixed-use, affordable development project. The objective was to develop a project that fit with the client’s social mission while also providing a revenue stream that would facilitate this mission.


Create a master plan for the site. Establish a collaborative four-way partnership involving the City, two non-profit entities, and a national utility provider. Source funding for the client. Develop a model for a high-performance energy, modestly priced home. Develop a plan for two dozen homes, 32,000 square feet of residential over retail construction, and several community gardens/parks. Re-purpose an historic African-American church located on the site.


Client Praise

“What is unique about Melaver McIntosh is that they have taken the principles of thinking of a building as an integrated system and applied this same approach to everything they do, from planning the revitalization of our cities to developing transformational strategies for businesses.”

– Michael Singer, Founder
Michael Singer Studios, Inc.