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Integrated Aspects of Our Approach

Comprehensive research

Systems thinking

Strategic planning

Tactical Implementation

Market-driven positioning and branding

We believe our approach to sustainability is unique. First and foremost, it is centered on place and people. Whether we are working with a business, a community, or a non-profit entity, our foremost concern is its culture: promoting its long-term vibrancy and distinctive value through strategies devoted to the health of that culture’s habitat.

We observe, study, listen, analyze—considering the voices of key stakeholders and thinking about how best to position our client’s unique opportunities.

We consider how a business, industry, or community is likely to look by mid-century in the context of game-changing questions: natural resource constraints, regulatory trends, changes in the work force, changes in general market conditions.

Through scenario planning, we shape a story that envisions our client’s long-term future in light of such issue and the action steps needed in the intervening years to meet those challenges head on.

We craft a holistic approach integrating all aspects of what our client does into a sustainability strategy distinct from the competition. We develop an economic analysis of projected value. We craft innovative programs to source the resources needed to implement this strategy. We develop the resources and tools needed to implement change management, tailored to our client’s particular culture.

Finally, we translate all of this into a clearly differentiated brand that marks our client as a leader in sustainability.

No two assignments are the same. There’s nothing mechanistic in what we do. We think systemically, are often contrarian, and craft unique strategies we are often charged with implementing.  We address a client’s needs by tending to the long-term health and well-being of its culture, its place, its people. We love what we do. And we believe our clients share in that joy.