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Identified as one of the top corporate Continuous Improvement programs for 2013.
A Fortune 500 company engaged Melaver McIntosh to develop curriculum and a training program to educate its 12,000+ workforce about sustainability. The objective: Train cross-functional sustainability teams at all company sites and then expand the training to reach all employees, from senior leadership on down.


Develop a sustainability manual focused on teaching the basics of environmental issues and relating those issues to the client’s specific business practices, value creation, and business differentiation. Develop and facilitate green boot camp workshops to train cross-functional teams at all facilities. Develop and teach a “train-the-trainer” curriculum to facilitate viral roll-out of sustainability. Develop and facilitate an annual sustainability conference to share best practices.


Client Praise

“We hired Melaver McIntosh to develop and run a sustainability training program for all of our facilities worldwide. And they did that with remarkable results. But what we got that I didn’t necessarily expect was a strategically-focused program focused on creating a world-class sustainability program for Gulfstream by 2020.”

– Roger Bowman, Sustainability Manager
Gulfstream Aerospace