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(Lincoln, CA) A major product service center for Gulfstream Aerospace, in Lincoln, California, is challenging itself to be the first site in this North-American-based company to be off the grid within five years. This initiative comes on the heels of an intensive, two-day green “boot camp” facilitated by Savannah-based Trident Sustainability Group and Melaver & Associates to shape a world-class sustainability program for this Fortune 1000 company.

Since 2011, Melaver & Associates and Trident Sustainability have been engaged by Gulfstream to help develop an overall world-class sustainability strategy as well as to create an educational/outreach program to ensure that all 10,000+ employees are engaged in the effort.

Melaver & Associates was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of leveraging sustainability to create extraordinary value for businesses and communities. Its principal founder, Martin Melaver  has over three decades of experience integrating environmental advocacy into urban planning, business strategy, and educational outreach.