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(Tel Aviv, Israel) Melaver & Associates has been engaged by a preeminent real estate group to shape a sustainability strategy for commercial work/live development in the country’s capital city. “Tel Aviv,” notes founder Martin Melaver, “has long been an important R&D source for numerous sustainability strategies. Drip irrigation, which you can now found in almost any hardware store in the US, began in Israel in the 1970s, quite simply because availability of water is an issue in this region. More recently, you can find such cutting-edge developments as photo-voltaic paint being created.

As it turns out, most of this technology tends to be exported to wealthier first-world countries. So being involved in a green development project in Israel is, I think, especially significant.”

Melaver & Associates was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of leveraging sustainability to create extraordinary value for businesses and communities. Its principal founder, Martin Melaver has over three decades of experience integrating environmental advocacy into urban planning, business strategy, and educational outreach.