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Marketing & Communication

The project received a 2013 National Planning Excellence Award from the American Planning Association and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and a 2011 Outstanding Plan Implementation Award from the Georgia Planning Association. The project has also received awards from Southern Living magazine and the Association County Commissioners of Georgia and has been highlighted in Georgia Trend magazine and Harvard University’s Journal of Real Estate
A major southeast city engaged Melaver McIntosh to develop a detailed strategy to revitalize two historic African-American neighborhoods comprising 1100 acres in the heart of the city. The objective: Differentiate this effort from other programs throughout the U.S, by creating a game-changing model for urban revitalization


Developing a long-range strategy to position the city and this project as a national model for mixed-income, mixed-use, sustainable work/live/play. The strategy includes early-stage program development around smart growth and urban place-making principles, including: mobility, health/wellness, arts/culture, economic development, job training, green building practices, and environmental stewardship.


Client Praise

“We were looking for a firm to spearhead a marketing and communications strategy for revitalizing two historic African-American communities in our city. Who expected that within two years, our project, would be cited as a “a national game-changing model” for urban, sustainable revitalization and would be the 2013 recipient of the APA/HHUD Empowerment and Opportunity award? That accomplishment was in part due to Melaver McIntosh, first creating a differentiation strategy and then working its magic to tell a story that no one had ever heard.”

– Chester A. Wheeler, III, Director
Augusta Housing & Community Development Dept.